Understanding  the  past.

Standing inside the garden door out of the monsoon rain. The warm water continued for about half an hour. The sound soft and gentle.

A snake on a hot summers day resting, and another snake deciding to be more curious.

Another species now gone from the area, and only a memory of looking and feeling a little afraid of the ancient ancestor who takes rest in the trees. Another ancestor on looking at the river, in a different place, near the mountain range.

A cold winter in England, and to realize that it will soon get colder.

A tree uprooted in a thunderstorm. It is immense. All the electric cables have broken. Waiting for the electric line to be repaired.

Returning to the past millions of years ago and a feeling of direction.

Dinosaurs more than 65 million years ago. Photograph of a tree dated back to this time. This tree is living today as seen in the photograph. Picture of a toy dinasaur in the garden. The tree is however real and alive and the same type of tree that existed in the dinasaur period. It is amazing to see the tree and realise that we are looking at a plant that still exists from the dinosaur period. Wollemia nobilis a living fossil is not extinct. This shows us how events change and that there are larger issues to consider as regards life and the planets and stars. The Universe.

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