Three billion years ago.


Three billion years ago, some of the prokaryote cells evolved to be able to pull electrons out of the sunlight that fell on them from the warmer wavelengths of light from the higher atmosphere, ''thermosphere'' which is around 2730 F (1,500 C) or higher and is about 49 to 341 miles above the surface of the Earth. Ionosphere a sub-layer of the thermosphere, contains electrically charged molecules of the oxygen, nitrogen and other elements which reflects the radio waves back to Earth and enables long distant communication. The prokaryote cells reflect the cooler blue green wavelengths. This turned out to be a very efficient method of getting food for the cell, and so more of the cells that lived this way survived.


The meaning of photosynthesis comes from the Greek word photo meaning light and synethis meaning to create, or put together.


A  process of light, water, and carbon dioxide made into food, fructose for the cells in plants and air oxygen. The perfect oxygen, made for us.


In other  words, a process used by plants and other organisms to convert the light energy captured from the sun into chemical energy that can be used to fuel the organism's activities. (As in law and karma). Photosynthesis occurs in plants, algae, and many species of bacteria.  Photosynthetic organisms are called Photoautotrophs, since they can create their own food. In plants, algae, and cyanobacteria, photosynthesis, use, carbon dioxide and water, releasing oxygen as a waste product. Extra glucose is stored in the roots of the plant.

Before three billion years ago, light!

Light  means  Sree  in  Sanskrit,  and  Máyá   means  illusion  in  Sanskrit.  Ma  means  to  be  able.  In  etymology,  PIE  Magh-: to  be  able;  to  help;  power.  From  light  is  all  types of creation. We  understand optical illusion ''Máyá'  in colours. For  example;  we  know  that  the  leaf  of  a  plant,  ab-sorbes,  blue  and  red  light  and  rejects  the  green  colour  that  becomes  green  when  the  apparent  green  colour  reaches  our  eyes. So technically  plants  are  not  actually   green. It  is  only  a  perceived  green  colour,  that  has  been  rejected  by  the  plant,  and  it  is that  substance  that  reaches  our  eyes  and translated  into  green.


Chlorophyll looks green because it absorbs red and blue light, making these colors unavailable to be seen by our eyes. It is the green light which is NOT absorbed that finally reaches our eyes, making chlorophyll appear green. However, it is the energy from the red and blue light that are absorbed that is, thereby, able to be used to do photosynthesis. The green light we can see is not/cannot be absorbed by the plant, and thus cannot be used to do photosynthesis.  


Understanding our own self three billion years ago, and understanding the way cells make their own food ''Photo Autotrophs'' we  learn how the cell can survive, through light. We learn because humans have capabilities to think in an appropriate manner.

These, the ancient poets who worship first light before the sunrise. Beauty, peace, fresh dew, rain drops, the dimmed light, beginning bird song. Life has new life. Beauty beheld in the colour orange red.


The eagle flies high, we know how birds fly, their bodies full of strength and energy, just as a plane with machine wings fly. An Asian goose can fly over the Himalaya. Mount Everest, which rises to 29,035 feet(8.850 meters.)


So we wonder at the lightweight bird who disappears into the heights of cloud and there beyond. Under their own muscular power. Hyperventilating to increase the quantity of oxygen that they get into their blood, meaning their bodies can deliver more oxygen to muscle cells faster. Understanding hyperventilating is to know C02 and, mystery of life.


The ancient poets thinking about the flight of the bird, flying through the gravity of water with his hollow dry bones, beyond the water, vapor, of cloud, as if he is fasting, his tapas energy rejoices awake and alive, in that which is all, consciousness light. That which is material and knowledge. Etymology of bright is, Leuk. In Sanskrit. Jagad, means, world and Dhatri means hold. Ma means to be able, or illusion, root of Maya, and Sree Shree meaning high or light. Sree Sree Ma Jagad-dhatri who is the highest and the greatest power, (with many names, forms) who is, intelligence, and God, meaning worshiping to a kind God/Goddess. For protection of ego, the protection of Linga, life, physical function and soul. Including, protection of animals, animal sacrifice is not necessary. Consumption of animal flesh is actually not preferred, and this is stated in many ancient writings. These ancient writings can be found in most texts/books/poems and easily found.


Just to mention a few. Rig Veda (10.87. 16-19) speaks against eating meat. The Gita As it is. Prohibits meat/fish, the entire book supports vegetarian.

From Manusmrita Chapter 5 No 49 '' Having well considered the cruelty of fettering and slaying corporeal being, let him entirely abstain from eating flesh'' No 54. '' By subsisting on pure fruit and roots, and by eating food fit for ascetics in the forest, one does not gain so great a reward as by entirely avoiding the use of flesh. No 56 '' Eating meat is not, sin, but abstention brings great reward''.

Yajur Veda Chapter 1 '' May Ye protect the cattle'' Chapter 3 39. 20 ''May I enjoy the life-bestowing food through the plants and medicines that contribute to health and vigor''.


As of much later times R Tagore's own pacifist sympathies against animal sacrifice are well known. The later, (1890) dramatic version of the story in his play Visarjan (The sacrifice) written in 1890.

Indian Constitution more recently. Article 51A. Fundamental duties. It shall be the duty of every citizen of India (a) to abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institution, the National flag and the National Anthem. (g) to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and to have compassion for living creatures; and article 48, prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle. The Indian Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on the 26th of November 1949, and came into effect on the of 26 of January 1950. The Indian Constitution is the Supreme law of India.

September 15th, 2006 verdict from the Calcutta High Court ruled that ritual animal killings may no longer be conducted in open public view in Kalighat temple.

North Indian High Court, In Himachal Pradesh on the 2nd September 2014, banned animal sacrifice throughout the State, ''No person will slaughter any animal in place of worship. It includes adjoining lands and buildings''. The Court ruled late on Monday. Article in The Guardian newspaper.


In municipal limits of Haridwar, Rishikesh public dealing with meat/fish/eggs, was banned by Notification on 23 July 1956 and in Muni ki Riti,  by Notification dated 18.12.1976. These restrictions imposed in Rishikesh/ Haridwar/Muni Ki Riti, has not been challenged by any section of people in the Court and have continued as fully acceptable to all. Thus, these North Indian towns are by law vegetarian.

RSPCA charity in the United Kingdom, and Wales, protects animals. And many others support animal protection. So the direction of better thinking is, fortunately taking place. There is no need for animals, to lose their lives unnecessarily.


Loving consciousness/caring, knowledge, God/Goddess supports Vegan/vegetarian. Sree/Shree meaning, light and Jagad, meaning World/Universe and Dhatri meaning hold,/ to hold and love/protect/ that keeps the world in a stable protected safe place. A higher good consciousness that is from a large kind consciousness containing a subtle form. Science shows us also that eating too much meat is unhealthy due to the, excessive, high content of some amino acids, for example, tryptophan, methionine, histidine, which may possibly produce unwanted adrenaline, EMS disease, Hepatotoxicity, (damage to the liver) histamine intolerance/allergies, and cell stress. Meat contains high bad fats, overload and in-balance of some vitamins and other unwanted chemicals. Also the stress of the animal cells due to captivity and wrong diet and other aspects when consumed by humans, leads to bad health over a period of time.


Live animals have been dosed with chemical feeds, or injected with patches behind their ears, so that their meat was heavier in weight, accepted as growth hormones. Due to the stress, and poison of the chemicals including arsenic, they suffer from water retention and swelling. They are so ill, that they are then given antibiotics, which again makes them ill, or they are simply sent to slaughter. Also crowding them in pens or trucks, to cause stress and fear and injuries, so they gain weight. Or live chickens hanging by their feet tied to the transport carriers. Then they were sent to slaughter, and were killed. Sometimes animals were watching another animal being killed. The animal was slaughtered not always quickly, and sent to shop shelves. This maybe have been stopped in some places or some changes made due to the obvious suffering of the animal. However, many of these events still take place today. Animals are in terrible stress, beyond all imagination due to chemicals and rough treatment. They also seem, to know, when they are going to be slaughtered. Young animals are removed from their mothers for various reasons and the damage this causes to the mother and baby animals is extreme pain, for all animals. Father animals are forced to make baby animals, and they lose their health and Self-worth. Too many pregnancies for the female animals, also causes terrible stress and suffering. When finally the animals are too ill to produce milk, and be of no further use, they are killed for meat. Or sent away to roam where there is no grass to eat. They are often young and those that survive the process are not cared for in old age, and they also, are killed for meat. Also meat sometimes has water added to the meat so that it weighs more. The paper, in the tray of shop meat, is to stop the water running out. Animals are fed diets to make them gain fat, so their meat is often not good for humans because the fat is not suitable fat for human consumption. The captive animal diet, often contains genetically modified, grains and vegetables, GMO, soy oil, antibiotics, foods with pesticides, and other bad food types and chemicals, which when consumed by humans, is bad for human health. Only organic grass fed, can avoid this, and that is not available in most shops. Most dead animal bodies are left to hang for a few weeks before going to shop shelves, this meat will contain bacteria, which will cause endotoxin in the human intestine. That is bad bacteria, growing in the human intestine. Leading to many serious health problems. Fresh meat contains bacteria also. Chewing certain types of meat, wears down the teeth, molars.


Scientists have found teeth and bones dating 42,000 years old, but with later conclusions dating 760,000 years old. Different samples from, (Paleolithic, Hominin) groups, were tested, ranging between 500 to 12 Ka. (Kilo Annum). That is 500,000 to 12,000 thousand years old. They have found bacteria signatures or ingested items from meat diets and have studied samples from bone DNA. Samples clearly show worn down teeth molars, from chewing meat.  From Hominin sites, high numbers of parts, of animal carcasses have been found dating back as 1.8 Ma and possibly 2.0 Ma. (1.8 to 2.0 million years ago). A change of diet 1.8 Ma, adapting to a high meat diet. It is thought that before this their digestive system could not take the negative effects of meat. Similar to apes in todays world. Apes are normally ill if they are fed meat diets, given to them by humans. Wild ape diets, consist mostly of fruit. In short, Hominins adapted to a high meat diet starting around  2.Ma. (2 million years ago), due to change of environment and habitat. Hominins, skull and body structure changed, and their digestive system changed, over a period of time, through eating meat. Evidence discovered from fossil remains, and faecal sterols. Development of genes and a change in thought process took place, leading to modern Human species. Learning to cook meat was necessary because a 24 hour period of raw meat, exposed danger, from bacteria. Learning skills to hunt for animal meat would have developed. Making tools to tear meat from animal bones and a diet from cooking bone marrow and brain tissue took place. Numbers of animal skulls were found in sites, that had been transported. It was not from a prognosis (cause of illness of an animal). It could not have been a number of random animal skulls found in one place. Therefore the conclusion is that animals were killed and transported to sites.


Sometimes the vitamins and minerals in dead flesh are in wrong balance, for example too much vitamin A will cause thyroid problems in some humans, if the person has thyroid that is hypothyroid, (low thyroid) decrease in metabolic rate, cold hands and feet, feeling tired and lethargic and other problems like arthritis, bacteria, virus infections. Meat contains too much iron which causes many problems and there are other mineral problems. In todays world, food is irradiated, including meat and other food types. Only organic produce is not radiated with radiation, or allowed to contain pesticides. Pesticides have been found in the cancerous breast of humans and also cancer lumps in general. Organ meat, (liver, kidney, thyroid gland, brain, ovary/corpus luteum), naturally contain more fat, thus, these organ meats, from animals and fish, have stored toxins, and contain very high levels of antibiotics that have been used in animal/fish feed. These organ meats are unhealthy, when consumed by humans. The brain organ meat, also contains the highest level of (prion mutant cells). These are protein cells, that have an unhealthy structure in the protein cells, and this is very unhealthy when consumed by humans. Meat from animals, that have been fed with grains and vegetables containing pesticides, is a clear indication of health problems. Calcium Chloride is injected in meat steaks and used in making cheese, there are well known negative side effects from calcium chloride. It would take a whole book to write about all these problems. Organic phosphorus in food means phosphorus is naturally present in the food, however inorganic phosphorus is phosphorus that has been added as a food additive. Meat naturally contains high phosphorus which is unhealthy for the kidneys, heart, and organs in the human body and causes calcium to be deposited in the wrong places in the human body causing high mortality. However phosphorus which has been added to processed cheese meat and other foods is very unhealthy for the same reasons as calcium deposits, so the phosphorus level is too high causing a high level of poor health, this addition of added phosphorus is often not mentioned on the label. Also note that cheese has starch and cellulose added which is not always on the label. This is also not healthy and causes many problems. Meat that has a neat look about it has probably many chemicals gums and other unwanted ingredients to make it unhealthy that has not been listed on the packet or on the shop tray, or as to what the animal had in its body before or after slaughter. Phosphorus is added to animal fodder, put in the animals food, so the level of phosphorus is very high and damages the animals health and then this unhealthy mixture is passed on to the human body when the animal meat has been consumed by humans. High levels of any type of phosphorus organic or inorganic destroys vital vitamins in the body and especially lowers the fat vitamins like vitamin K. Hence the destruction of the human bone formation and calcium deposits. In short, eating meat is not healthy.


Fish and shellfish have the wrong omega fat in-balance, which causes cell stress in humans. Also the sea is now full of spilled oil and other dangerous chemicals,  contaminated from, algae bloom, radiation waste, medical radiation waste via humans and radiation in general, pesticides, sewage from human waste including high levels of hormonal waste, and many other chemicals, which affects marine life and thus is not safe for consumption. Fish, seabirds and animals are found injured or dead from algae bloom water. Known as harmful algae blooms (HAB). Algae bloom is still highly toxic and present in any, heated, cooked, prepared food. The cause of algae bloom is human pollution, fertilization waste. (Pesticides are killing bees and bees are in great danger from human pollution. Bees need to be protected from these terrible dangers of human pollution). Captive birds/animals with growth fed wrong diets/ the male parts sometimes removed to produce more size, and therefore changing the fats in animals/birds, muscles can be considered bad for human consumption when eating these fats. Eggs are part of the reproduction, cycle, eggs being high in certain amino acids and can be considered by science in terms of the ratio of amino acids as unhealthy in the human diet. Animals/birds/fish/bees are used and then forgotten.The four Fs. Find them, Feel them feed and forget them. This is the illogical thinking applied to most aspects. 


There is also the aspect of knowing which chemicals convert other chemicals for the production of correct hormone balance, knowing which chemicals remove bad bacteria, for example, Lipopolysaccharide, in the intestine. Knowing which correct chemicals promote good chemicals, to produce healthy cells. In general a health problem is sometimes hidden by a chemical which is the root cause of the issue. For example, lactose, is sometimes difficult for some humans to digest, however, it is not the lactose that is difficult to digest, but another chemical that is causing the reactions to this type of sugar. This leads on to further health issues, and the unknown chemical remains hidden. There is this relationship between bacteria and species, but unless there is the knowing of why the bacteria is in the relationship, the bacteria will continue to thrive on the host.


Everything has a life and a defense, plants defend themselves against grazing animals, but, plants grow bright, attractive fruit to attract animals, species to spread their seeds, the seeds leave the roaming animal, and make more plants, seeds are dispersed via the animal. However plants protect their seeds by chemicals which are not suitable for animals Bacteria has, an involvement in ways to cause a problem when the wrong chemicals are digested, put in simple words.


Cows and other animals, for example, have a large digestive system, to cope with plant toxins, humans have a different system and are not able to cope with some plant toxins. This is where bacteria comes into play and the relationship between humans and bacteria evolve, including a whole system of problems.


Citrus fruit contains good quality protein with correct, balance of amino acids and good ratio of calcium over other minerals, contains fresh vitamin C that stops cancer, also some copper, food, Folate, B9, magnesium, B5 and good sugar fructose, easily absorbed when the juiced fruit is consumed. It is best when juiced for raw, fresh juice, for quick energy and easy digestion and protects the intestine and removes the bad bacteria. Plus contains fresh B vitamins, which have not been lost through cooking or processing. This juice is very good for any inflammation, illness, flu/colds, sadness, and even serious illness like cancer, muscle/joint pain. Any illness can be solved with correct diet and especially including citrus fruit as a major part of the diet. There is indeed no need to eat meat/fish when there is such an abundance of wonderful fruit. Unsulphured, dried soft Prunes contain vitamin K and good amounts of copper and sugar. However, they must be fungus free, they also contain the wrong type of fibers, so copper and other mineral requirements are sourced best from citrus fruit and milk. Sugar is actually good, from fruit, and needed for good brain function and memory. Sugar especially fructose removes inflammation. Milk contains good amounts of pure vitamins. The vitamins, K, and A are not affected by heat in cooking. Milk is good to be consumed, to obtain correct mineral balance, unlike many other foods. Vitamin A is protective in all situations because vitamin A stops the production of unwanted stress, by making hormones depending on the correct balance of good throid metabolism. So vitamin A, is important in the diet, due to the fact, that it reduces excess fluid swelling and healing process. It is vital to understand the balance/combination, of minerals, vitamins and amino-acids in food and how they interact. The correct combination makes very good nourishment. It is a fine balance. It is very important to avoid all radiation. (X-rays and scans ). High calcium in milk, and cholesterol protects cells from radiation damage. Oranges/tangerines, and lemon juice that contains high vitamin C, protects cells from radiation damage. Radiation damage does not always show up immediately, so it is important to have a good diet to protect cells from damage. Detox is very helpful. Calcium, found in our natural food is the most important item. With vitamin A retinol C and K. Also, magnesium protects cells from radiation damage, (radiation treatment for cancer is best avoided, as this may possibly cause other health problems). Magnesium is found in orange/tangerine fruit. Correct levels of flavonoids, need to be balanced properly, because an excess, could cause fertility/ fetus problems. Small amounts is best.


It should also be observed that a medical diagnosis may not always be a serious situation because it could be miss-diagnosed and that the immune system can heal the body when correct diet is put into practice. 9 times out of 10 when a serious life situation has been given by a medical report, when the situation is re-examined again and correctly, there is not a serious medical health problem. Also, an ill person can become healthy and well given correct diet to make the immune system throw off the illness and make the patient well. It is simply knowing how to solve the problems when they occur. When a person has been told that they are ill, or close to death does not mean anything, facts can sometimes be very miss-leading and false. It is through knowing and study of the body, that we can have the strength to come back to a positive style of life, and live a normal life. Many people do not come back, because they have been told bad news, 9 times out of 10, bad news is incorrect and miss-diagnosed. Illness including cancer, digestive problems, memory/brain miss-function can be stopped by correct life style and knowledge of the issues.


Faith in that being. How we were made, is of great wonder, seed/Linga and egg, cells. Either in union or not. To have, great respect to the subtle form, reality. Respect for the great one illusion/Maya, that binds all cells to a solid form, understood in our physical world. Sound can be possibly interpreted as real, in a half way.


The great big planets that affect us like Saturn, and the gravity, size, magnetic pull, force, with the energy of the Sun.


((In ancient mythology, Ka, the creator of Prajápati, who is sometimes shown like the design/form, of an upside down triangle, with a curved top, similar to the ancient scripture of a single consonant. This may possibly represent the reproductive system and first food. Or head and two sticks/legs/feet, in humans, when in upright triangle formation, the transition of four legs/arms to Homosapien, humans. (Also, the wise hermit with three sticks, meaning two legs and with walking timber rod). Ka can however take many forms, this Ka is described by the ancient poets. As 'Who'. And can be translated as 'I' in more recent, modern times. In french, qui means who, and sounds the same as ki,  Ka is the creator of Prajápati, and Prajápati is known to us as the beginning of the human generation, and most mammals. The Linga, is one aspect of this. This Ka is the creator of all energy types male/ female, along with the heat and light energy of the Sun. When a fetus arrives, from the transition of mixed cells this is the reconstruction. A loss,' chaos', from the Linga, to recreate. Ka is the root meaning, to like/wish, in the very first language, thousands of years ago. Tapas is heat generated from knowledge/good consciousness/bud. Ka/with second root added, Kalee/Kala,/Wish/thought, healthy,handsome,sprout,bud,call. There is a lot here to think of! In foods, vegetarian cheese from milk with no additives and no added potato starch, made with no animal rennet. Organic milk with some fat is preferred due to the fact that the fat vitamins are absorbed properly. This type of milk also helps the intestine to move food in transit correctly. Heated milk is better for consumption and removes unwanted bacteria (however, certain amino acids when heated too high can become toxic), milk is good when the body is able to digest it. (Pure milk, from grass fed, well cared for animals). Fructose, citrus, vitamin A- Retinal, cholesterol, and pure salicylic acid found in fruits, and small amounts of pure salt with nothing added, can be considered as the stabilizing elements for energy). (In lifestyle, it is recommended to take bath before Sunrise to help with digestion and to clear the system from toxins. It is also necessary to research the dangerous side effects of any medicine/supplements, before taking medicine, knowledge of generic drugs with their problems ie dosage, size, ingredients and quality checks, and knowledge of other harmful ingredients in generic drugs and brand name drugs. Knowledge of why/which drugs are being advertised as good medicine when they are in reality harmful due to the side effects). (Research into all food and ALL medicine Western/Ayurvedic,/Herbal/ Psychology/Physical Operations/and knowledge of the illness is an absolute requirement in order to live in this world)). (Vegan/vegetarian makeup/soap/perfume not tested on animals is a step in a good direction). 


All pure great energies/events come from this force/Saturn/Ka/Sun. Discipline, faith and strength come from this force Ka/Saturn/Sun. There is that which is beyond human concept, of course!


Understanding the science of all this and, understanding first meaning of sounds spoken, is the communication of energy and realization. 3000 to 4000 years BC and beyond.


We know for example that science has grown cartilage from cells taken from a hundred year old human cartilage, that our tissues contain spore cells, with slow metabolism and high resistance to destruction. (Suggesting that cells in an unhealthy situation, when those cells are not excited or stressed, given correct nutrition/energy and safe environment can become well). There is no need for aging to take place. This is the science. This is the force of Saturn, Linga and Ka (egg and seed). The protection of all life, observed by our ancient ancestors. Discoveries made from science and our archaeology findings. The knowledge obtained by studying history thousands of years back in time, and before the ice age.  Also theories passed down from the ancient Greeks, and Greek mythology.


Understanding language is a transition and transformation in time and space/place. (Language is habit. Learning a new language also increases memory). We need to remember that language developed from sounds that became a picture, design or written symbol, that sounds were not always written down in, script. That those sounds may in fact be silent symbols, yet have in our modern language a written symbol, which may, or may not have sound. Also communication is sometimes a mental form of communication rather than a spoken, or a symbol, form of communication. Therefore, it is necessary to find the simple original root sound that was first uttered, to then analysis the effect of this sound in its meaning to another being, then to translate this though the changing language in history, up to the present day. Then we can find the meaning of speech, and, the meaning of a word. Remembering that we sometimes only have a reconstruction of language, history, and sometimes insufficient evidence. In this case we use our internal feelings and think from the heart rather than from the head, using this means of 'searching' for answers in the same way our ancestors did. 'Migration and life'. Where there is a will, there is a way, there is a path. Love, from that known.


Thus we are able, to replace all ideas, with nice thinking, a beautiful rose, and beautiful song, playing dolphins near a white ship, sailing to a beautiful Island. We create all thinking via food. New memories are made from food, and they are copies of the original memory. The original memory in the form of cells lasts only for about 1 week to 2 months, then, it is broken, down into, waste, and remade as a new copy from, our latest food intake, in the present moment of absorbing food. The present moment, changing the emotional content of the original memory. Thus the original memory was deleted after a few weeks. Memory is actually natural updating mechanism, called memory, Reconsolidation. Made by protein synthesis. Protein kinase C. Protein kinase C (PKC) can be inhibited by vitamin E. It is helpful to study the way cells obtain energy, and how elements use oxidation and the interaction of the B vitamins and vitamin C in cell respiration. Vitamin E is a weak phenol in comparison to other stronger phenols, so it is able to stop the oxidization of unsaturated fats but it is an unsaturated fat. It is a phenol. Plants are abundant in phenol. Plants in todays world, contain toxic plant chemicals to stop animals eating them. However when our planet was younger plants were not toxic and contained saturated fats, many millions of years ago. Also with a higher ratio of CO2 to oxygen. Vitamin E is not needed when there are no free radicals, lose electrons. Cancer and other illness are due to too many lose electrons. However all phenols are plant material and should be considered with great care and thought. High amounts of any phenol is toxic and vitamin E can have serious toxic effects even although it is a weak phenol and has the ability to maybe reduce other toxins like free radicals. Vitamin E in milk or cream is very safe with correct amounts, and animals with ruminant remove most of the toxins.

The unsaturated fats sourced from food is not protective as it blocks the unsaturated fats made in the body of a human/animal from digested sugars, which is protective, there is a slight difference here. It is often the case that the chemicals made in the animal/human body from correct sugars, with the cells respiring well, are not toxic, but the same chemicals produced from an external source is very toxic.

Memory is divided into three sections, visual, audio, emotion from hormones such as norepinephrine/adrenaline. So it is important to make only good memories using choice. This is healthy mental-practice. Or by choice to remember an event to protect ourselves from repeating the same mistake, as a form of learning and protection, used as valuable, up-dating system, for future reference. Time changes memories and content of the memory and the emotions connected to memories. Memory is in cells all over the body, thus when we take food to make blood or bone for example, we are still updating those cells or memory, wherever the cells exist. Everything is on a cellular basis. Is is important to discard damaged cells and protect healthy cells via good diet and healthy lifestyle. Good diet helps correct thinking. Time and food are the motivation of everything. There will be problem times and tears for fears, confusions, contradictions everywhere. Live each day and live the day.


Migratory birds depend completely on the metabolic water production while making long non-stop flights.

To the flower, to the water vapor, to the light, to that, of everything. Which protects the Universe in equilibrium. 


Long wavelength visible light appears red to the normal human eye. (Photograph of Indus Valley Seals. Second Millenium BCE. British Museum). (Script from Rig-Veda 1-89. Translation. Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides. British Museum). The history of maths is believed to begin in the Indus Valley Civilization, from the use of measurements and weights, and the ruler. (Photo British Museum, weights from Indus Valley 2000 BCE). Much later, mathematician, Aryabhata born approximately 476 A.D to 550. (We have no image of him), developed theories on trigonometry, drawing up tables, theories, on the solar system, the rotation of Earth and the heliocentric idea of the solar system, (i.e. that the Sun is at the center of our Solar system), and how long it takes, Earth to spin on its axis, and proved correct much later on, and is now being used in our maths and astronomy of today.

Much later Indian Physicist J C Bose in the 1890s invented the Crescograph which is the measurement of plant growth, he also made very large contributions to the invention of radio, as at the time he did not patent the work on his radio invention. Below photo of pots decorated with Pipal leaves made about 3500 BCE. British museum. Photo of a young Pipal tree growing through a crack in a wall, India. Photo of Orange fruit on a white cloth. Photo of warm sunshine on a Greek beach, enjoying the warm waters, and seeing tiny silver, beautiful fish, swimming. Photo of an Island, where you can see dolphins play, is-land, near Portugal. It is well known that dolphins protect ships from storms and rough seas. They protect us when in trouble. Photo of happy sunny weather, of an outdoor restaurant, in Holland.


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