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Galaxies moving at great distances apart. Life organisms evolving and living from carbon dioxide. The big bang theory as opposing the electrical theory. Volcanic force where simple cell structure arrives. Volcanic eruptions creating a stream of carbon dioxide under our oceans creating life continually. We know that when the earth was formed, the percentage of the carbon dioxide was about 20 % to 40 % higher than we have today. The mole rat and bats that survive on mostly carbon dioxide. When we look at the cell and how it works we also need to look at the cells field. That is, if a cell is not working properly and being at the center of a wound or malfunction causing an illness then the surrounding other cells near by are known as the field. Some of those cells will be half ill and half well, and the further to the edge of the field the cells will be more healthy. Carbon dioxide is the main influence as to how a cell functions. Affecting the PH of the water content causing swelling. This suggests that today our mortality rate may be being affected by the lower percentage of carbon dioxide. We know that the PH of a cell is the main function of how the electrical energy of the cell is healthy. Acidic verses neutral. The lower the PH the higher the acidity.The cells percentage of carbon dioxide is the PH that affects the life of the cell. So we consider how some animals survive in a high level of carbon dioxide and the connection of volcanic eruption and the connection of the big bang theory which arrives from the volcanic activity. The function of the carbon dioxide is to stimulate the absorption of oxygen into the cell. We think of a cell as a being, a living being with its own consciousness, that has a coherent force.. That which can be seen in the micro world and can be considered as matter. Since it has form. Then we go further in to the micro world and think of the force that functions the cell, energy. Observing the smallest of forms. The electron. It seems that everything is moving  in a coherent direction. The ability to live in a changing world in order to create life.   

 When a cell becomes inflamed or swollen with an incorrect balance of PH it sends out emergency signals to other cells to re-correct the situation and re-set the balance. This happens for a period of time when the cell becomes well then this process stops. If there is a serious ill problem the other cells become affected with the same in balance and therefore all the cells malfunction. Balance is the key.